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    SANGEET : Vocal, Instrumental & Dance

    Sangeet Vidhyalaya: The Hindi language word 'SANGEET' represents and incorporates three forms of performing arts : 'Gayan' (Vocal), 'Vadya sangeet' (Instrumental) and 'Nritya' (Dance). Divya music is a global music school offering vocal music, Instumental music and dance classes, E-learning - online classes for the students all over the world...More

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    Indian Classical Dances & Folk Dances

    SANGEET VIDHYALAYA : In India, all classical dance forms have two main aspects - 'Nritta' and 'Nrittya'... More

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    Divya Music : Sangeet Vidyalaya

    Founded in 2004, Divya Music is an organization offering education in music & dance - conducting music & dance classes, E-learning - online music & dance lessons , organizing creative sessions, concerts, workshops & community projects, auditions, events, online music therapy, online music meditation program & related services for excellence in performing arts..More

DM Live Core - One-on-One Online Dance Classes & Music Lessons Online

Sangeet Vidyalaya : Divya music presents DM Live Core - the one-on-one vocal music school classes online - Hindustani classical vocal music classes online, Light classical and Carnatic music classes lessons to learn Carnatic voice singing online, instrumental music classes to learn Global and Indian musical instruments online, Online dance classes for the convenience of the music and dance students all over the world. Divya Music online live interactive music classes on Skype, Google Meet Duo, Teams, Zoom & real-time dance classes online on Skype is an E-learning - distance learning program in music and dance, an advanced, effective fusion of the creative performing art to the modern technology, recreating the magic of one-on-one music and dance learning as in ancient Indian Guru - Shishya parampara (Teacher - Disciple system) in the comfort of your home and with the convenience of your own flexible time schedule.

DM live core - the online voice singing lessons- vocal music classes, instrumental playing lessons online and the Gobal dance classes to learn classical dance forms, Indian Bollywood dance classes choreographed on Hindi songs etc. helps a student to save on the valuable time and money spent on the commuting to an Indian dance school, dance trainer, music school or music teacher. DM Live Core online music courses program and Skype online dance lessons program is a real time, live music class learning program with a music Guru or an online live dance class with a dance instructor. Invite an Indian Music Guru or a Dance Guru from India to your home for online private music lessons and private dance classes online with dancing trainers on Skype , Zoom, Google Meet Hangouts Duo & Teams .....more

Divya Music: Music and Dance courses - Theory and Practice

Sangeet Vidhyalaya: Divya Music one of the top music schools in India and Delhi NCR, offers short term certificate level hobby course classes in dance and music, especially designed with a modern approach for teaching music and dance to kids, children and young adults, school and college students and for Television reality music show / competition participants. Divya Music offers music theory and music / dance practice classes for the music and dance Diploma / Bachelor courses, following the syllabus prescribed by Prayag Sangeet Samiti and other major universities / recognized music education societies, preparing the performing arts students for the examinations conducted by Prayag Sangit Samiti and other Universities / Societies. These Music and Dance courses (Sangeet Visharad, Sangeet Alankar, Sangeet Prabhakar, Sangeet Praveen, Sangeet Bhaskar, Sangeetacharya) are equivalent to University level Diploma course / Bachelor degree course / Masters degree course / Doctorate in music and dance namely, BA (Bachelor of arts in Music and dance), MA (Master of arts in music and dance), M Phil (Master of Philosophy in music and dance) and Ph D (Doctor of Philosophy in music and dance) are approved and accepted by UGC accredited major universities in India and universities abroad.

The Vocal music courses include: Vocal music (Hindustani / Carnatic) - Classical vocal, light classical vocal and Rabindra Sangeet. The Instrumental music courses include - learning to play Percussion / Rhythm based music Instruments: Tabla, Dholak, Drum, Pakhawaj and Congo etc., Electronic / Key based music Instruments: Harmonium, Piano, Keyboard etc., String based musical Instruments: Tanpura, Sitar, Guitar, Violin etc. and Wind (Brass /woodwind) based musical instruments: Flute - Bansuri, Mouth organ etc.

The Dance courses at Divya Music include - Indian classical dances: Bharat Natyam, Odissi, Kathak etc., Regional Folk dances: Manipuri, Punjabi - Bhangra, Dandiya, Gujarati - Garba etc. Western / Global popular dances: Salsa, Jazz, Tap, Swing etc.... More

Divya Music & Dance: Television reality show / competition preparation classes

Sangit Vidhyalaya : Television reality show / competition preparation classes : Divya music conducts special music singing classes and dancing classes for kids / children / young adults participating in the Indian television reality shows based on music vocal and instrumental, singing and dance. The participants of the Indian Television reality shows like Indian Idol, Boogie Woogie, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Little Champs, Dance India Dance, Voice of India, etc. receive special training on how to sing in reality shows and how to dance on TV reality show stage. The expert presentation tips for these music and dance competitions are provided, training on solo dancing and group dancing, solo singing and group singing and instrumental music performance is offered. Special training with music experts in audio / video studio to help assessment of singing and dancing skills by music industry judges and to prepare for the auditions of music and dance reality programs accordingly is also provided.

You are welcome to contact Sangeet Vidhyalaya : Divya music for inquiry on these special practicing workshops and classes.

Divya Music school India franchise and Dance school classes franchise available for New Delhi NCR Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. Indian Hindustani classical vocal music lessons online, Light semi classical singing classes online, Carnatic music lessons online & musical instruments playing lessons online. Flexible time schedules for online music classes for the global citizens & non-resident Indians (NRI).