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    FAQs on DM Live Core Online class lessons :

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    FAQs on general enquiries :

     »  I feel that the number of classes in a month offered by you is very less. Will I be able to learn Music or Dance with regular or online class schedule of 45 minutes class / week?

    Sangit Vidhyalaya - It is not the number of classes which matter it is quality of music or dance training, standards of education which matter the most. Practice of vocal music, instrumental music and dance styles is always 20% of the time devoted in taking guidance from your music or dance teacher / Guru and 80% of the time must be devoted to self practice (Riyaz) of whatever is learnt from the music / dance Guru. State of near perfection with music and dance requires practice and patience; it is a steady process of learning and practice under expert Teacher’s guidance. The 45 minutes class / week is the proven healthy pace of learning the performing arts, rest all is maximum possible practice and devotion. Students have option of getting 2 or 3 classes / week (8 / 12 class lessons / month) on extra fee payment for these extra practice sessions.

     »  Do you offer Music E-learning, How can I learn music and dance through online music classes and online dance classes?

    Yes, Sangeet Vidhyalaya - Divya music offers DM Live Core – the advanced online music classes for learning vocal music online (Hindustani vocal, Carnatic vocal and Western vocal lessons online), online musical classes for learning instrumental music online (Indian music instruments like Tabla, Sitar etc and Western musical instruments lessons for Guitar, Violin etc) and online dance classes (for learning Indian classical / folk regional / western / global popular dance styles). Divya Music is one of the top music schools in India and DM Live core branded online music / dance classes offer a unique experience of online music and dance learning lessons through LIVE, REAL TIME online music / dance class for interactive learning sessions with your music / dance teacher – the music guru and dance guru in India. These one-on-one online music classes or group online music classes offer the best of convenience and personal music teaching experience with personal music instructor, the music tutor. For further details on corses, fees and admission:
    For details on e-learning music courses and fees schedule please visit: E-Learning

     »  How can I select the music and dance courses? Do you help in selection of music / dance courses? Do you provide music tuitions at home or dancing tuitions at home or help in selecting a music tutor or dance guru?

    Sangit Vidyalaya - On receiving your admission inquiry for music learning courses and dance learning courses Divya Music will assist you in assessing your levels and will advice you on the music courses or dance course most suitable for you. For further details on the certificate, diploma, bachelor, master and doctorate – graduate and post graduation level courses and training classes in music and dance offered by Divya Music please visit: Courses and Fees

    We do organize the vocal music tuitions, instrumental music tuitions and dance tuitions at home. If you are looking for a well qualified vocal music teacher, instrumental music tutor – a famous instructor or Indian classical dance guru, we can assist you in your search to find the best music guru, a western dance tutor or an instrumental music instructor online. For further assistance you are welcome to contact the counselor at Divya Music: contact us

     »  When can my kids start learning music in the music classes for children organized by Divya Music?

    Sangeet Vidyalaya - School kids can get admission at Divya Music to learn music at an age of 5 years, the school children can learn how to sing and natural singing in vocal music classes, kids can learn how to play musical instruments like table, violin,guitar, keyboard etc. in instrumental music classes and can learn Indian classical dances like Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi lessons etc. in the dancing classes. The admissions for regular diploma music courses and diploma dance courses at Divya Music open from first week of May to September every year and the teaching for regular diploma classes start in the month of July. The admissions for the certificate in music and dance courses, hobby classes and E-learning - online music classes are open all through the year with fresh batches starting every week. For details please visit: Admission

     »  What is the affordable fees schedule for the Regular and Online Music and Dance learning courses? What could be the cheaper method to pay for the online music courses fees?

    Sangit Vidhyalaya - To know about the music and dance course costs, school fees payments schedule details please visit: Courses Description and Fees. The cheapest method of music course fee payment for online music learning and regular music and dance lessons price you can visit the same page and search for different methods of sending the payments. Electronic money transfer is almost free of charge attracting the least bank charges; all the methods of payment attract a transaction fee. If you need any further assistance or details on our bank account for fee transactions, you are welcome to contact the music school (Sangit Vidhyalaya) / Dance school at Divya Music: contact us

     »  I am an Indian musician living in England; I am interested in opening Divya Music Franchise center in London, UK to teach Indian music - Hindustani vocal music, Carnatic vocal music, Instrumental music and Indian classical dances. Do you offer Divya Music franchise in foreign countries?

    Divya Music franchise is available for foreign countries for conducting certificate level hobby courses in Music and dance.

     »  Can I get a job after completing the music or dance courses at Divya Music? What are my career options? I am an arts school student Can I learn music or take dancing lessons along with with my regular study at college / University?

    Sangeet Vidhyalaya - Yes, the diploma / bachelor / Doctorate educational courses in music and dance offered by Divya music helps with your career in music or career in dance. On finishing your music / dance training courses at Divya Music, you can appear for the music exams anddance examinations and earn your diploma / degree from the examination body and can later apply for your desired job in music and dance. Your options may be to work as freelance music teacher, a dance guru or join a music school (Sangit Vidyalaya) / dance school / music academy, music production house, music recording company, events Management Company, film industry (music director / singer / dancer in movies), stage show artist, entertainment parks, stage shows, magic shows, choreographer, musical orchestra, radio, television etc.

    You can join and continue the music and dance courses along with your regular studies at the school / college / university level. For further details you are welcome to contact the counselor at Divya Music: contact us

     »  I think learning music or singing is difficult for me at an advanced age, how many years it will take for me to sing fluently? Can I overcome my hesitations and become a good singer or a well known musician?

    Sangit Vidyalaya - Learning music is easy, singing is easier> than anything else because it is absolutely natural to sing, once you gather confidence and win over the initial hesitation of how to sing in front of others or singing in a community or singing with group of known / unknown persons or when facing people or singing performance in public places you can become a great singer or musician irrespective of your age. It all depends on your positive attitudes, practice and devotion to vocal music. If you practice the vocal music lessons or instrumental music lessons well and have good concentration then may be within six months or within one year you may learn to singin the right way. For the people who are introvert, experience shyness or any hesitation in learning music or learning dance, starting with the private music classes or private dance lessons and E-learning option of online music classes would be better options. For further details please visit : Adult learners and E-learning – online music classes

     »  Where can I buy music and dance theory books and musical instruments on lower prices for my instrumental music courses at Divya Music? Are these available on discounted sale or with credit card installment options? Can I buy used (second hand) music instruments?

    Sangeet Vidhyalaya - You can easily buy the books and musical instruments related to your course and interest at your local book shop / music instruments shop. For your convenience Divya Music has an online music E-store at DIVYA MUSIC with widest range of educational books on Music, books on Dance and music instruments. Being a music student / dance student at Divya Music you can get attractive discounts, low budget buyer options and interest free installment payments (credit) facility. You can buy the vocal music books, instrumental music books, dance books, music and dance instructions - lessons DVDs / CDs, Indian and western music instruments, music gadgets, complete range of dance accessories for kids, children, young adults, ladies and gentlemen and virtually everything on dance and music online through our websites : and

    You can buy the used musical instruments (with warranty or without warranty) directly from the individual or institutional sellers at the above mentioned websites.

     »  What is the process of admission in the online music and dance courses?

    The single step process of admission is available online and is simple and easy. You have to fill in the required details in the online admission form on the website and send it. The office executive at Divya Music will contact with you soon regarding the further details.

     »  Do you guarantee the qualifications of music Gurus (music teachers) and dance instructors (dance Gurus) at Divya Music faculty?

    Sangeet Vidhyalaya - All of the music teachers (Sangeet Gurus) with Divya Music faculty are learned, highly qualified, experienced, senior music and dance professionals. Every music guru or dance guru has his / her own teaching style and may be according to the Guru - Shishya> (Teacher - Student) pattern, for a particular student a Music Guru is very good but for another student may be not. This may be due to the student's desired style of learning, we help you select the right teacher for your individual level of learning and you can request for the selection or a change any time during your music education and dance education at DIVYA MUSIC. For further assistance you are welcome to contact the counselor at Divya Music: contact us

     »  Time zones of which countries are favorable with your online music and dance class schedules? Do you offer online dance and music classes in multiple global languages? Your majority global students are from which counties / time zones?

    The latest modern technology supported, well equipped Divya music studio and Divya dance studio in India for the online music classes and online dance classes is open all 7 days a week and offers real time online classes from 0600 Hrs to 2200 Hrs covering majority of International time zones. At present the classes are offered in English, Hindi and other regional Indian Languages only, Divya music is in the process of adding a few other international languages and will be soon offering classes in Spanish and French languages. Flexible online music class schedules are available during our work hours for global the global music and dance students living in different world time zones .We have online music students and online dance students from citizens and non-resident Indians (NRIs) living in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Fiji, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Trinidad & Tobago, Oman, Brazil, Mexico, France, Guyana, Baharain, Kenya, Netherlans, Indonesia, Nepal, Suriname, Portugal, Jamaica and other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East – Gulf and South America.

     »  My Daughter has got an opportunity to participate in a popular music and dance reality show on television. How can Divya Music help her improve the singing skills and dancing skills for the Competition?

    Sangit Vidhyalaya - Short duration television reality show / competition preparation classes are organized at Divya Music. Divya music conducts special music classes and dance classes for kids / children / young adults participating in the Indian television reality shows based on music – vocal and instrumental, singing and dance. The participants of the major Indian television reality shows receive specialized training on how to sing in reality shows and how to dance on TV reality show stage. The expert presentation tips for these music and dance competitions are provided, training on solo dancing and group dancing, solo singing and group singing is offered. Special training with music experts in audio / video studio to help assessment of singing and dancing skills by music industry judges and to prepare for the auditions of music and dance reality programs accordingly is also provided.

    Expert tips on how to perform in front of audience and show judges, dressing for shows / performance, participation preparations, self introduction with an impressive performance and other valuable tips are provided during these training sessions with theory and practice classes. More

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