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      ONLINE MUSIC SCHOOL STUDENTS TESTIMONIAL   (www.musicclassonline.in)

      "I appreciate the best satisfying online Indian semi classical music learning experience from Divya music, the light classical music teachers online are the best in the class, I have been learning and practicing to sing the bhajans and ghazals since last one year but last month when I started to learn singing the sufi songs, singing the magical folk devotional music it was altogether a different spiritual dimension opened up for me. Thank you for offering the best in vocal Music education from India. I recommend your online music classes to all the Indian music students. " Regards,

      Dr. Prerna (Family Physician, New York, USA)

      "I am enjoying my true hobby with Divya Music, the online light vocal music classes have been a great convenience for a busy housewife like me, i thought it would be tough to devote the time to learn singing but now I easily manage learning to sing light Indian classical music online with my music teacher Ms. Deepti, practice my voice music lessons and I am feeling much happiness and inner satisfaction these days. I know it has come from the devotion towards learning the music."

      Ms. Neelam (Housewife, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India)

      "The online Violin learning hobby class is entertaining and a great learning experience." Thank you,

      Mr. John (Civil Engineer, Auckland, New Zealand)

      "Living out of India as NRI – Non-resident Indian in USA, I was missing the daily beats of my Tabla practice, once surfing through web I discovered about the online Table classes offered by Divya Music - DM Live Core and that was the moment I decided to enroll myself for my online table playing practice and Tabla learning classes online with my Indian Tabla Guru. Today, 5 months later I am going stronger and better with my online Tabla learning and practice sessions. The online Tabla program has helped me a lot to concentrate better on my work project. Music uplifts my spirits like nothing else. Thank you Divya Music for making it possible."

      Mr. Dinesh (Software Engineer, California, USA)

      "I always wanted to learn Guitar, I am happy that I have started to learn it in the comfort of my home and with my desired time schedule through DM Live core online Guitar learning classes, the lessons are explained and practiced well with my online guitar teacher. It is affordable and easiest way of learning instrumental music."

      Mr. Karan (University Professor, Pune, Maharashtra, India)

      "My experience with the online Hindustani classical vocal music classes has been most memorable and satisfying moments. When I closed my eyes during the live online music classes and practiced with my online Hindustani classical music Guru, I never felt we were continents apart, it was the wonderful face to face music learning experience right from my motherland. After completion of my classical vocal online certificate course, I want to continue further with online Indian semi classical – sugam sangeet course to learn what is closest to my heart, the magic of devotional bhajan singing. I want to continue with my present Gurujee." Thank you,

      Ms. Aradhana (University Student, London, UK)

      ONLINE DANCE SCHOOL STUDENTS TESTIMONIAL   (www.danceclassonline.in)

      Namaste ! "I had always been fascinated by the colorful drama dance styles of India and had always wanted to travel to India to learn more about them. DM Live Core real time online dance classes from India has helped me to learn and practice the Indian classical dance forms through Skype dance lessons. Living miles away in USA, I have been able to learn more about the Indian classical dance styles - Bharatnatyam dance, Kathak dancing and Odissi. It is amazing to understand and learn about the Indian culture, art, dancing steps, dance drama themes, dance movements and gestures with clarity and dedication from my Indian dance Gurus. The dance teachers at Divya Music are excellent for online dance learning program."

      Ms. Lisa (Professor in University, California, USA)

      "The online fitness slimming dance class has helped me reduce 09 kilograms of my body weight within last 3 months, it is nice to feel so much energetic, light and to work with a fresh gained positive attitude towards life. This month, I got my two sisters living in London, UK and Canada enrolled for the Divya Music slimming dance classes, I am sure your expert weight reduction dance classes will help them also to lose the body weight and make them as active as earlier." Thank you

      Ms. Harmeet Kaur (Industrialist, Ludhiana, Punjab, India)

      "Thank you Music class online for the fabulous online Kathak dance lessons, the online Kathak dance guru Ms Sandhya made us believe that WE CAN ! Her motivations and expert Kathak dance training has made me a very good Kathak dancer and my daughter was awarded as the best Indian dance performer in her school. I am very happy to feel physically fit and have lost the extra fat, very special ONLINE thanks for it."

      Ms. Aarti Singh (Housewife, Mumbai, Maharahtra, India)

      "It is amazing, unbelievable for all of my work colleagues, family and friends to experience my upgraded slimmer version 1.0 (upgraded from my older fatty version 2.0), Ha! Ha! I am healthier, happier and working with a better processing speed in my daily chorus. Thank you all at Divya Music fitness slimming online classes for blessing me with ‘HOW YOU DID IT’ compliments. Your web technology supported online weight loss dancing class is just wonderful for the young, workaholic, tech addicted generation to help keep fit. I did not have to step out of my PG home for a dance workout to get slim, so it is still a well guarded secret. Ssssh….koi sun na le.."

      Ms. Simran (Info tech professional, Hyderabad, India)


      "Divya Music School is brilliant – open, friendly, busy, flexible, welcoming to ALL kinds of music and to people of all ages and backgrounds. And it is so well organized that it has a lovely relaxed and informal feel to it all."

      Mr. Abhinav (Hindustani Vocal) Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

      "I love the way that Divya Music welcomes everyone, from the musical genius to the musical dance (like myself); we all get the same warm welcome and excellent level of music training. Thank you!"

      Ms. Kajal (Hindustani vocal) New Delhi, India

      "In all my dealings with Divya music, I’ve found the music teaching staff to be knowledgeable, helpful and the prices competitive."

      Ms. Manvi (Guitar) Gurgaon, Haryana, India

      "The first time I walked into Divya Music center to learn Hindustani vocal music. I was made to feel welcome and valued and have continued to feel this always with Divya music."

      Mr. Saurav (Hindustani Vocal), Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

      "Divya Music has given me music career opportunities I could not have found elsewhere. I am now successfully self employed following a career path I love."

      Ms. Sweta (Hindustani vocal), New Delhi, India

      I have been more than happy to put in a few hours of voluntary work in order to give something back but also to feel part of the Divya Music community, which is vibrant, fun and welcoming.

      Ms. Jhanvi (Dancer Kathak), New Delhi, India

      "Divya Music is a fantastic resource for the musicians and aspiring musicians"

      Mr. Bharat (tabla player) Gurgaon, Haryana, India

      "Thanks for the superior music education" we have got all kind of facilities at the center, from music books to excellent music tutorials.

      Mr. Abhishek (Hindustani Vocal), New Delhi, India

      "I never thought that after retirement I would be playing music but now I am and it’s fantastic!"

      Mrs. Bakhshi (Instrumental music student), Delhi, India

      "Service is second to none. All staffs are very experienced, you know you are going to get the best advice on music."

      Mr. Roop (Tabla), Faridabad, Haryana, India

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